Today's voices lifting tomorrow's

Young Sandlapper Singers

Founded in 2011, The Young Sandlapper Singers is an educational outreach of the Sandlapper Singers.


The Young Sandlapper Singers is a training ground for children and youth to enable them to excel in choral singing in a uniquely entertaining and engaging style consistent with the high quality of performance of its parent group, the Sandlapper Singers. The treble choir consists of children in rising 3rd through 10th grades in which the basic elements of music understanding, music reading, and music making are developed.


Children and youth must be given music education opportunities that supplement the ones they receive in a school setting, giving them additional opportunities to excel in music understanding, music reading, and music making. Performance is central to the process of learning and understanding music. The joy derived from mastering a musical art and participating fully in the ensemble experience translates into performances that are uniquely engaging and enlightening, as well as entertaining. Creativity is encouraged and fostered in these children and youth, insuring that American choral music will continue to evolve and thrive in future generations.


Fulfilling our mission of “today's voices lifting tomorrow's”, Sandlappers have established a program for supporting choral programs in South Carolina high schools. Through our Side-By-Side program, a selected high school choir is invited to join its voices in concert with the Singers' for a "once in a lifetime" experience. Our Artistic Director, Lillian Quackenbush meets with the choral students in their classroom, and the students rehearse several times with the Singers in preparation for the concert. Choral directors interested in becoming part of this program can contact the Artistic Director at 803-431-3049.

The Side-By-Side Choir for 2014/15 is Richland Northeast High School, Richland District Two

Support for Schools

Supporting the Sandlapper Singers enhances a business's public image, builds recognition and fosters good will. We recognize sponsors in our advertising, in our publicity, in our web site, in our concert programs, and verbally at the beginning of each concert. Partnering with us enhances the cultural life of the Midlands and South Carolina, making it a better place to live and work. Enhancing our sponsors image beginning with the 2012-2013 season, a portion of our ticket sales will be donated to local public middle or high school choral programs where funding continues to be a challenge.

Donation Levels

YSLS Scholarship (one semester) - $180
YSLS Scholarship (annual) - $360
Katie Q Scholarship - $600

Scholarship Donation